Born from an Italian project aimed at international markets, Geco membranes are the result of joint research between two Italian production companies.
Geco, thanks to its know-how, is in line with global changes and a recognized brand in international markets: it is present in the five continents.
The innovative solutions proposed for international markets are the result of constant research, passion and commitment to always take on new challenges.
Always avant-garde solutions, deriving from the multiple and particular requests of foreign customers, obtained through the use of technological & productive know-how that allows the creation of different and quite often innovative products.
Particular attention is therefore paid to the comparison with the needs of businesses and consumers, which are the basis of new solutions in materials and which determine new forms of investment in the production plants.
Over time Geco has become a leading brand in the waterproofing sector, with the use of technological know-how made in Italy and for a constant search for materials, its mission is characterized by constant attention, especially towards the environment, through the use of recycled materials.
Our motto is "Be green", the environment first.