After over 50 years of successful experience in the waterproofing field based on modified bitumen membranes and technology, a group of Italian entrepreneurs, leader in this field, decided to join their experience and skills to achieve a new vision, by strengthening their skills and knowledge to renovate this field.
GECO s.r.l. has been created in Verona to be in line with the new world changes, by combining the best advanced research and development results, obtained with passion and hard work in the last decade, initially in their laboratories and then proved through external independent institutes, to offer innovative solutions, systems and products, paying a great attention and respect to the new environmental requirements, contractors and consumer needs, that are becoming day after day more fundamental for any kind of investment in the building industry.
GECO s.r.l. is the result of the above vision, ready to afford any kind of demand in the waterproofing field, that the traditional systems and products are not so often able to offer, due to the particular, fast and modern world we live today, full of interests on the new themes, such as energy saving, environment issues, products recycling, building industry demands, labor and buildings material cost incidence, in addition to the new economy trend, which is more careful and sensitive than in the past, regarding the life cycle of any product, and the rapid solutions that our modern life requires more severely.
Today, GECO s.r.l. is able to offer the global market of the future, their new technology and products, for a new generation that needs to live in harmony with the environment and build up their own future, with innovative and consequently more economic and long lasting material, for more efficient and rapid solutions.